Swimming Pools
Laundry Rooms
Our two pools are located in the center of the property.
Mail Boxes
Parking is located very conveniently throughout the property.  One parking space is assigned to
each condominium; they are numbered.  Parking spaces without numbers are open and are for
the convenience of your visitors and guests.
The Pines has wonderful amenities for all residents to enjoy.
The Pines has two laundry rooms with new equipment.  One is located on the West side of the
property near bldg. 12 and the other one is on the East behind bldg. 20.  Keys are available in
the on-site office.
Mail boxes for all condominiums are located in between the two swimming pools and are easily
accessible; complete with wheel chair ramps.  
The Clubhouse includes a kitchen, dining and living area and can be used for parties and
business meetings.
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