The Annual Meeting of Owners is scheduled in
February. (Please view the Calendar page.)

The next meeting of the
Board of Directors is
scheduled for
Wednesday, Mar. 20, 2019 at
The Pines Clubhouse ~ starts at 6:30 PM.

SAFETY ISSUE ~ Due to foundation repair(s),
large holes have been dug near some buildings.
The areas have been marked with CAUTION tape.
Please make sure children stay a safe distance
from the foundation repair areas.

SBA Loan
For those of you that are filing for a SBA Loan, the
following links will help.
Board member’s names and contact info: http:
By-Laws, Declaration, Rules & Regulations: http:

Roof leaks
We have been in touch with the insurance adjuster
and they should be coming out next week to go
over all the roofs that have issues. He will
determine if it’s covered under insurance or if we
need the HOA to pay for it.

Action Hauling Lien Affidavit
Although this is just an affidavit, it does allow title
companies to decide, based on their own
discretion, if they want to close or not on our units.
It’s not an official court issued lien and we have
been talking to Bill Chesney and Kristi Slaughter,
the HOA lawyers, but it seems that they are taking
too long to move on this.

Bob Wolfe and I (Sina Zadeh), have started
working on getting this removed ASAP, if needed
we will outsource this to a property lawyer
specialist. Although, it seems very straightforward
and this is a PRIORITY for us.

We have added a daytime security guard, as of
this coming Monday (Dec.11th), we will have a
security guard on duty 24hrs a day to deter any
criminal activity. If anyone is moving, PLEASE
inform the board so that we know. We want to
make sure that there are no more break-ins during
this vacant period of our units.

Also, please cooperate with the security guards on
duty, they are there for all the owners’ safety.
Once you show them your ID and they confirm you
are a resident, they should hand you a parking
pass so that next time you don’t have to stop.
Please place this on your dash for them to see as
your drive in (we are working on getting new
parking stickers). This is a temporary measure to
deter any further criminal activity, until we can have
most of the residents back in their units.

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Our Payment Remittance Address ~ Please mail
maintenance fee payments to our new mailing
address as follows:
The Pines Condominium Association, Inc.
c/o Creative Management Company
P.O. Box 105007 Atlanta, GA 30348-5007

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provided by our Precinct 5 Constable ... Click

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